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  PHILFH710T Philips LFH710T Transcriber   339.57 + VAT

Philips LFH710T Transcriber

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Ideal for use with All Mini-casstte Recorders

The Desktop 710 analog transcription system boasts all of the features that you could possibly need for ensuring that transcription is quick and efficient from the word go. The system's modern design and user-friendly functionality make typing easy, while the acoustic search forward function allows you to find dictated documents quickly.

Key benefits

  • Discreet playback option for private listening
  • Automatic backspace play lets you check the previous words typed
  • Fast access to any part of the tape with turbo wind
  • Hands-free transcription with Foot Control

    Package contents

  • Transcription Desktop 710
  • Earphones 233
  • Foot Control 2210
  • Power Supply 155

    Technical data

  • Weight: 1150 grams
  • Dimensions: 135 x 232 x 50 mm
  • Acoustic frequency response: 200 - 6,000 Hz
  • Output power: > 600 mW
  • Earphones socket
  • Foot control socket
  • Power supply socket

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