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  SPESTASTO01 StartStop Universal USB Digital Transcriber   134.47 + VAT

StartStop Universal USB Digital Transcriber

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See the New Olympus AS-5000 Digital Transcriber

Turn your PC into a high-quality transcription machine, using your feet to activate Play/Pause/Step Back, Step Forward, Rewind while using your favorite word processor!

Transcribe not only .WAV files, but .MP3, and popular non-standard "proprietary" formats: Olympus .DSS, Sanyo Digital Recorder, .VOX, TrueSpeech? .WAV, Lanier Cquence? M? .DSS, ProCat?, ADPCM, .VOC, .GSM, Voice-It? .SRI, BCB PlayAll Extra?, Digital Voice?, DVIPS, BVP, Dictaphone Digital Express?, Uher DH-10, Crescendo, Dictaphone Walkabout?, Creative .VOC, .Mu-Law, Sun Microsystems, Philips, Sony, Grundig and more!

The Start Stop plays all of the Standard .WAV, .MP3 and .WMA formats:
The Start Stop plays ALL of the Standard .WAV formats (approximately 20 "flavors")
TrueSpeech? compressed .WAV format
ADPCM .WAV (popular for Courtroom recording systems)
MP3 audio format (popular for music and speech)
WMA up to 44,100 hz CD Quality Sample Rate

PLUS, Start Stop plays these non-standard digital dictation formats:

Digital Dictation Systems and Call-in Systems
Digital Voice? call-in system files (e.g. .VOX and .WAV)
Dictaphone? Digital Express?
Dictaphone Boomerang? and .AUD files
"PlayAll" ? BCB TrueSpeech? files with non-standard embedded headers
DVIPS? (VOX 6KHz sample rate, 4-bit, ADPCM)
Dialogic? based telephony systems
BVP Computers
Specialty VOX Formats, including separate selections for
"Bitescrybe" 8 KHz PCM Mu-Law,
DVIPS? OKI/Dialogic 6/8 KHz VOX 4-bit ADPCM
VOX A-Law formats.

Courtroom Recording Formats
Most popular courtroom audio formats
Digital Recorders

Sanyo Digital Recorders
Olympus? .DSS (Used with DS-320, DS-330, DS-1000, DS-2000, and DS-3000 Recorders)

Lanier Cquence? M? Mobile Digital Recorders (.DSS format)
Voice-It ? Mobile Digital Recorder's .SRI format
Dictaphone? Walkabout Tour? Digital Recorder
UHER DH-10 Digital Recorder TrueSpeech?
Plus plays specialty digital audio formats

CCITT Stereo A-Law
Evercom & T-Netix call monitoring formats
Mu-law and A-Law (Sun? Microsystems) non-standard .WAV files

Creative SoundBlaster? .VOC (Version 1.2)

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