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  SANICR-B5000 Sanyo ICR-B5000 Digital Voice Recorder   - - -

Sanyo ICR-B5000 Digital Voice Recorder

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The Sanyo ICR-B5000 takes professional dictation to new heights. The unit combines all of the features and functionality that are currently available in top-of-the-line slide control analog recorders and adds the benefits of innovation and versatility that the latest in digital technology has to offer. When used with the Sanyo MemoScriber transcription/file-transfer software, voice files can be downloaded and transcribed on a PC or sent to an e-mail address anywhere in the world for transcription, even if it's thousands of miles away.


  • One touch simplified recording enables the unit to start recording by moving the side control up one position.

  • Cue/Review (quick easy forward or back access to any part of the tape) is easily facilitated by the 4 function slide control.

  • Voice Activation Recording starts the recording of information as seen as someone speaks, The recording stops when there is an absence of sound.

  • Numerous editing functions allow total flexibility when working with recorded files. Insert, overwrite, erase and partial erase are included in the functionality of the ICR-B5000.

  • Memoscriber transcription/file transfer software brings all the features of a high end transcriber plus numerous advanced digital features such as editing, file identification and e-mail capability to the computer.

  • Professional 4 function slide switch control allows for easy one handed single control access to key recorder functions (dictate, stop, play, rewind)

  • The included software enables the transfer of files from the handheld Sanyo ICR-B150 to most compatible computers.

  • Extended capacity removable media system enables the ICR-B5000 to store of up to 17.6 hours of recorded material on a 128 MB Multimedia Card.

  • Time/date information log notes the time of day and date of the recording. It also indicates the recording mode and size of file.
    Optional FSUSB1 transcription kit (foot pedal, headset, software)

  • Selectable microphone sensitivity allows optimal recording of personal dictation, small conferences or lecture halls.

  • Cue tone index search system allows for the insertion of reference index points in a recorded file during the recording process. When the file is played back the index points can be easily accessed.

  • Three speed playback allows the user to slow down or speed up playback for purposes of transcription or note taking.

  • Auto shut off circuitry turns off the power five minutes after the last function is activated. This feature prevents the cassette tape from being stretched and extends battery life.

  • Cue/Review control allows quick easy forward or back access to any part of the tape.

  • Electronic pause control temporarily stops the tape movement during recording or playback.

  • LED battery indicator notifies the user when the battery needs to be replaced.

  • External DC jack enables the connection to an optional adapter that will allow the recorder to operate from wall current instead of batteries.

  • External earphone/headset jack allows the user to monitor recordings through an optional headset or earphone.

  • External microphone jack allows the connection of an optional external microphone.

  • Operates on two "AA" size batteries (up to 11 hours of battery life).
    Accessories included: Sanyo Memoscriber transcription software, 32MB multimedia card, audio and USB cables, carrying case.
    Dimensions (WxHxD):2" x 4.4" x .75"

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