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  OLY576837 Olympus WS-110 Digital Voice Recorder   - - -

Olympus WS-110 Digital Voice Recorder

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This item is now end of life and the direct replacement is the Olympus WS-450S

Mass storage for all types of data files incl. pictures and music

With no docking cradles or cables, users of the WS-110 voice recorder can enjoy a great sense of freedom. You can record and play back your meeting recordings, notes and ideas for over 69 hours. The WS-110 connects directly to virtually any PC via the USB key. It saves all file types to its memory in an instant; images, presentations or text documents ensuring fast, secure and convenient transportation and transfer of data.

Can also be purchased with Speech Recognition Software as Olympus WS-110 Speech Package

You may want to consider purchasing the Olympus WS-110/210 Carry Case to protect if from dirt and scratches.

What's the next model up ? Olympus WS-210S

Key Features

  • 256MB internal memory
  • Mass storage device for data files
  • Direct, software-free full-speed USB connection to PC or Mac
  • Integrated loudspeaker
  • Multiple recording qualities for voice files (WS-110: HQ/SP/LP)
  • Large LCD with simple, menu-driven interface
  • Index, erase and lock functions
  • VCVA recording (voice activation)
  • Variable speed playback
  • Lightweight and pocket size (94.7x38x10mm HxWxD)
  • Voice and Low-cut filters for improved recording and playback quality
  • Five folders for effective file management (up to 199 files per folder)


  • Upon connection to a computer, it is immediately recognised as external drives. No software, drivers or special cables are required.

  • Even technical novices will not only be archiving their recorded voice files on a computer, but will also be uploading other data to their recorder in no time at all.

  • Whether you’re travelling between meetings, lectures, university, college or home, files such as presentations, images or music can be taken with you – meaning you can now leave your laptop at home!

  • Intuitively-located buttons and a large LCD ensure that operation is simple.

  • Five separate folders and the indexing function make it easy to manage files.


  • Recording Format WMA (recording) / WMA (playback)
  • Playback Speed Control: YES (9 modes)
  • Recording Media Internal memory: 256MB

    Power requirements

  • 1 AAA battery

    Battery Life

  • Alkaline 21 hours (LP mode)
  • Ni-Mh Battery 17 hours (LP mode)

    Recording Times (hh:mm)

  • HQ: 17:35
  • SP: 34:40
  • LP: 69:00

    PC Interface Full speed USB direct (plug & play)

    Overall Frequency Response

  • HQ 50-13,000Hz
  • SP 100-7,000Hz
  • LP 100-3,000Hz

    External Dimensions 94.7 x 37.0 x 10.0mm
    Weight 46g (incl. battery)

    Minimum PC Requirements
    Windows: IBM PC/AT compatible PC + Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista + One free USB port

    Mac compatible. For detailed hardware requirements please refer to

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