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  OLY134485 DM-1 DSS & MP3 PLAYER   124.99 + VAT


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**** Special Pricing until end November 2004 ****

The busy professional will find the DM-1 not only improves efficiency at work. When used as an MP3 Player, it also proves wonderful for relaxing to music in the breaks. By saving dictations to removable SmartMedia cards in the high-compression, high-quality DSS format, it can record marathon meetings lasting over 22 hours. Direct PC-connection allows integration into the existing office system while three folders with space for 199 files each, 16 index marks and easy file editing all enhance operation. The MP3 Player lets you enjoy music in between meetings. Thanks to the integrated speaker, you're not restricted to headphones but can also listen to music with a friend or in a small group.
2 in 1: Voice recorder and MP3 Player with built-in speaker
Data stored on SmartMedia cards
Convenient data transfer from SmartMedia to computer via USB cable, or optional card reader/writer or adapter

High-compression DSS file format (Digital Speech Standard)
Up to 22 hr. 10 min on 64 MB card
3 folders with up to 199 files each
Indexing, up to 16 per file
Erase protection

High-compression, great quality MP3/WMA format
Approx. 60 min music on 64 MB at 128 kbps
3D sound quality thanks to WOW technology
Equalising, repeat and random play

What's included in the price :

? DM-1 Digital Voice Recorder
? 64MB SmartMedia Card
? Olympus DSS Player and MusicMatch Jukebox
? Stereo Earphone (E30)
? Carry Case (CS99 Belt Clip Style)
? USB Cable (KP7)
? 2x AAA Batteries

If a Digital Transcriber is required we recommend the AS-2000

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